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It's a Nice Face / When I Marry Mister Snow

Philip Chaffin


320 Kbps Released November 9, 2018
PS Classics

Our free song download this week comes from Philip Chaffin’s just-released Will He Like Me? This PS Classics album is a beaut through and through.

The selections on the recording come are all love songs of one form or another and come from some greats of the American Songbook. Richard Rodgers is represented with songs featuring lyrics by both of his principal collaborators, Lorenz Hart and Oscar  Hammerstein II. Irving Berlin’s “I Got Lost in His Arms” and Jerome Kern and Hammerstein’s “Don’t Ever Leave Me” are combined in a touching medley. And, of course, there’s the Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick number from She Loves Me that gives the album its title.

What makes the disc so special (beyond Chaffin’s exceptional vocals throughout) is the way in which the songs have been arranged and how they’re being used. You need to listen to Will He Like Me? from beginning to end because the various songs arc to tell a love story. More important the pronouns in the songs have not been altered, meaning that songs like “It’s a Nice Face” and “When I Marry Mister Snow” originated by female characters, now help to tell the story of a two men’s relationship. It’s an extremely smart, very moving concept and listening experience.

In sharing “It’s a Nice Face”/“When I Marry Mr. Snow” with us, Chaffin said “When we were starting to structure the album, from the first date to the final relationship, we always knew what the starting point was: it was the title tune, which was the first date. But after that, we wanted a track where the character could look back on that first date -- and as we all do after a really good first date, fantasize about a possible relationship. We settled on 'It's a Nice Face' for the 'looking back' part, which was perfect, but we were a little stumped when it came to a song that looked forward -- that was sort of the musical equivalent of writing both your names on a piece of paper, hyphenated.”

Eventually, Chaffain recalled “Then my husband and producer Tommy suggested 'When I Marry Mister Snow,' from Carousel, and it all fell into place. It was a song I love, but more than that, it's a song I couldn't have imagined singing -- that wouldn't have made sense if I'd sung it -- just a decade ago. When I grew up, no gay kid was imagining marrying a man he'd just met. But of course, that is possible now, and that's just what happens. This song was glorious to sing, and everything I wanted this album to be and to say.”

After you’ve downloaded and listened to this track, you’ll want to take in the entire album from start to finish. Click here to purchase Will He Like Me?.  You’ll be glad you did.


Track / Performer
It's a Nice Face / When I Marry Mister Snow by Philip Chaffin

Music by Cy Coleman / Richard Rodgers

Lyric by Dorothy Fields / Oscar Hammerstein II

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