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Reindeer Wives

Allie Trimm, Ellen Harvey & Nic Rouleau


320 Kbps Released December 4, 2017
Upper West Records

Barry Anderson and Mark Petty are songwriters with enormous talent and gigantic hearts. For years now they have been penning holiday tunes and using them as to help raise funds for worthy charities both in U.K. and this year, with the album Wish, a terrific New York-based non-profit, Housing Works. You’ll be able to take a listen to one track from the album with this week’s free download, ”Reindeer Wives.”

In sharing the song with us, Mark gave a little bit of history about the song: “Barry and I originally wrote Reindeer Wives back in 2013. We are great supporters of a charity based in London called MAD Trust: The Make A Difference Trust. ‘ Reindeer Wives came to fruition as we had been seeing so many of these 'Real Housewives Of.....' shows with these very privileged women parading around every day living off the wealth of their husbands. The shows are hilarious and we thought how can we work this into a Christmas song. Christmas Eve is the highlight of the year for Santa Claus and his reindeer. We imagined that it was a huge event in the North Pole where everyone would gather to watch the sleigh make its annual flight out from the North Pole and around the world. Very much like the wives of sportsmen who would sit in the special seating area while their spouses played sports we had the wives of the reindeer also do this and cheer them on. In a twist to this though we had three very different individuals.”

That gives you a sense of the fun spirit that these guys put into their music, and beyond this tune you’ll find that there are some delightful new (and maybe someday classic?) songs such as “Stowin’ Away (In Santa’s Sleigh)” and the album’s title song, which Mark describes as centering “around the relationship between a man who reconnects with a homeless man that he came across in the summer and sees again in the winter.”

It’s a heartwarming tune, much like what the good folks at Housing Works do as they crusade for the rights of, and provides services to, the homeless and people living with HIV/AIDS in New York. It’s a pretty amazing group and if you don’t know them, you can learn more at www.housingworks.org

So, download and enjoy “Reindeer Wives,” and then, sample from the other tracks and purchase the entire Wish album by clicking here.

(To learn more about Barry and Mark…just visit their website. There you’ll also find out about their incredible online presence!)

Track / Performer
Reindeer Wives by Allie Trimm, Ellen Harvey & Nic Rouleau

Music and lyric by Barry Anderson & Mark Petty



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