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Seashore Waltz


320 Kbps Released September 14, 2018
Broadway Records

Our free track this week comes from Broadway Records’ just-released album, Beast in the Jungle. It’s a marvelously rich listen – featuring the music of none other than John Kander (the man who penned the melodies from everything from Cabaret to Chicago to Kiss of the Spider Woman).

Beast is based on Henry James’ story of the same name and introduces theatergoers to John, a man in middle age who is recalling his youth. More importantly he’s looking back on romances that he allowed to evaporate. The production, which was directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman, utilized a mixture of spoken word and dance.

You’ll find the composer, who was trained as a classical musician, working in a different vein from the shows we all know by heart with Beast. Here he has written gorgeously lush and incredibly romantic score, all in variations of the 3/4 waltz time, that has been superbly orchestrated by Greg Anthony Rassen and Sam Davis for a nine-piece ensemble. As you listen you will find that Kander’s music transports you across Europe and into the U.S. in consistently imaginative ways.

Our current download is “Seashore Waltz,” which aurally brings to life a segment of John’s life as he recalls a afternoon he and girlfriend May spent on a beach near Pompeii. It is an exquisite piece of writing; it’s remarkably tender and at the same time filled with the joy and exuberance of youth. Musically, Kander makes you feel the gentle pulse of the ocean on the shore even as he underscores the characters’ emotions.

It’s a terrific introduction to the joys of the Beast in the Jungle score, and after you have savored “Seashore Waltz,” I’m sure you’ll want to hear more. You can sample from other sections of the album and purchase it by clicking here.


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Music by John Kander

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