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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Doreen Montalvo


320 Kbps Released March 24, 2017
Broadway Records

Our new download comes from Doreen Montalvo's debut solo album, American Soul / Latin Heart, released by Broadway Records.

Montalvo's a powerhouse vocalist who's currently appearing on Broadway in the hit Gloria Estefan musical, On Your Feet. Among her other credits are the original cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights and the national tour of Flashdance the Musical.

Her album contains a mix of tunes, from the pop standard "What a Wonderful World" to Styx's "Show Me the Way" to the original "Te Soñé," a song written expressly for Montalvo that gives lyrical voices to her dreams about becoming a performer on Broadway. On each track you will find that Latin rhythms and sounds add extra dimension and colors to even the most familiar of tunes, from the Peggy Lee hit "Fever" to this week's free download, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," which has the added bonus of being a theater song (it's from the musical Dance of the Vampires).

Aptly described "A romantic yet unexpected journey through the heart and soul of the artist's love of both classic rock songs and Latin jazz ballads," the album's a delight from start to finish, and we believe that after you've listened to the download, you'll want to hear more. You can sample from other tracks and purchase the entire American Soul / Latin Heart recording by clicking here.

Track / Performer
Total Eclipse of the Heart by Doreen Montalvo

Music and lyric by Jim Steinman

Spanish lyric by Yurida




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