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San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, Britney Coleman


320 Kbps Released February 8, 2019
Ghostlight Records

Our free song download this week comes from Ghostlight Records’ splendid original cast recording of Andrew Lippa’s Unbreakable, a remarkable musical journey through over a century of LGBTQ history.

The album preserves the piece’s world premiere from last June. Portions of these three live performances were culled together for the album, which features the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus along with soloists Britney Coleman, Marcus J. Paige, Lisa Vroman, and Lippa himself. The work begins with a gorgeous number, the title song, that starts your journey off in 1900 as Jane Addams, a co-founder of the ACLU and the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

After this, Lippa’s songs chronicles each decade of the twentieth century as well as the ones that have begun the twenty-first. The numbers range from one that brings Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas and the world of the 1930s to life, “Just a Woman,” to the deeply moving “Survivors,” set in the 1990s, to the inspirational “Good Things Take Time,” which brings Unbreakable to the here and now.

Each of the individual performers is in perfect voice throughout the recording, and they, along with the Chorus, beautifully serve Lippa’s musicianship and the disparate sounds he deploys.

Lippa selected the title song as this week’s free download, and in sharing the track with BwayTunes, he described the impetus behind it: “I reflected on what it means to be LGBTQ today and, specifically, what my experience has been.  I’ve lost friends to AIDS. I’ve seen many more infected with HIV and had their lives turned upside down. I’ve walked through the fields of my own self-hatred, negative body image, fear of intolerants out there who mean to harm me. Through all this I asked myself how I got to be me, now.  The answer that came back was that one word: Unbreakable.  All of the parts of me that needed healing are finding their way to healing. This song, the opening, states it joyfully.”

After you’ve had a chance to listen to “Unbreakable,” sample from more of this beautiful album and purchase it in its entirety by clicking here.

Track / Performer
Unbreakable by San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, Britney Coleman

Music & lyric by Andew Lippa

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