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About Us

Once there were record stores that specialized in hard to find music. You could ask questions, find treasures, learn more than you already knew, and you knew plenty.


Corporate retailers put the little guys out of business and the MP3 put the corporate retailers out of business. For musical theatre, New York lost Footlights on East 12th Street and The Colony at the corner of the legendary Brill Building. 


BWAYTUNES.comTM recreates the experience of the specialty store—online. But rather than a single store exiled to a side street, BWAYTUNES.com is just a click away in every corner of the country.


Many commercial recordings you’ll find on BWAYTUNES.com are also available on iTunes® and Amazon®.  But they’re not hiding among 25 million songs.  And BWAYTUNES.com lets you search by Show Title, Song Title, Year, and every production credit including Performer(s), Composer, Lyricist, Book writer, Choreographer, Musical Director, Producer and more.


BWAYTUNES.com will go beyond commercial availability with

·      Community: curation and blogs by industry professionals 

·      Direct link to purchase sheet music downloads

·      Free music and exclusive offers from current Broadway shows

           for registered users

·      links to Wikipedia and The New York Times for every cast album


And later this year

·      Exclusive scores and songs from shows in development

·      Rare and collectible recordings from private collections


BWAYTUNES.com music partner is 7Digital, a twelve year-old digital media delivery company based in London and operating worldwide. BWAYTUNES.com customers enjoy:

·      Fraud Protection: payment processors screen for all purchases.

·      Customer Support: 7Digital will field all purchase related inquiries.

·      Cloud based “Your Music” storage: Consumers can purchase and share 

      their music on mobile phones, tablets, or any other web-enabled device.

·      7Digital is HTML 5-compliant and does not require Adobe Flash®, which 

     means it is fully functional on all major browsers and on PC, Mac, iOS,   

     Android and Blackberry platforms.


You create a log-in account with an ID and Password linked to your email address and zip code.  You can purchase by adding a major credit card to your log-in.  You enter this information just once but can amend it on a secure profile page.

BWAYTUNES.com is a New York Limited Liability Company (LLC).  The  business and site were conceived and designed by Jim Russek and Erik Hartog. 


Mr. Russek is an Executive Creative Director at AKA NYC, the Broadway theater advertising agency. He is a theater marketing professional with over 30 years experience on Broadway.


Mr. Hartog is a former financial strategist and entrepreneur with a specialty in complex financial instruments.  


Andy Propst curates the site weekly with feature promotions from past and recent recordings that set the topic agenda for bloggers. He is founder of AmericanTheaterWeb.com, a respected critic and Cy Coleman biographer.


So, welcome to BWAYTUNES.com, Broadway’s Digital Music Storesm.  Visit for a free song every week, for the blogs, to do a little research, to prove it was Sondheim not Bernstein!, to find an audition song, to download an album or a song and build a library of show music you can share on all your web enabled devices and listen to at Your Music.  The specialty music store is back —it's time to change your tune!

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